tv show review 04: black mirror (no spoilers!)

Title: Black Mirror

Creators: Charlie Brooker

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Rating: 8.9/10

Date Released: 4 December 2011 (UK)

Synopsis: A television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology (source)

I was looking for a new tv show to indulge in because I feel like tv shows right now are just bad or they are waiting on a next season. So I saw this come up on my Netflix recommended so many times that I finally decided to give it a shot. My English teacher also mentioned it a few times, saying that it scared her to almost never use the computer again.

I tried watching it and the first episode was, no offense, but not that great.

I continued to watch it so that maybe it’ll get better. I started to realize that they aren’t connected so just as a heads-up you should watch season 2, episode 2  and season 3, episode 2 (those two are my favorite). I continued to watch it and honestly it grew on me! It was pretty amazing to have to think about the meaning behind the endings and try to figure out your own theory about the tv show.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi or like anything that has to do with future technology. This is one of those tv shows that you can kind of like, because nothing is connected so they’re all standalone that you can rewatch without having to rewatch the entire tv show.

I always recommend it to my friends because I honestly think that they all have unique lessons to them that can be applied in everyday life.

Its messages and episodes are all very unique and always has some sort of twist, which makes it unpredictable. I tried to predict every single ending, but I only got one of them right. It’s almost disturbing to know the twist but it definitely has a moral that one should always go by throughout their life.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say for this tv show without giving away everything. But if you are “iffy” about watching it, definitely go for it and watch s2e2 and s3e2.

FINAL: 4/5


5 thoughts on “tv show review 04: black mirror (no spoilers!)

  1. I love Black Mirror. I think that show is so fascinating, and I just love the world building. Have you seen all of the series? I agree, some episodes are stronger than others. I also loved the last episode of series 3 (it’s 90 minutes tho, so a real investment but so worth it)


    1. sorry for getting back to you so late (i’ve been so busy with finals and ap exams– very scary) I actually watched the entire series in about 2.5 days… crazy right?! yes! the last episode was definitely a great one! some were definitely a lot deeper than others and, i agree, it was cool to see the different worlds they built and the different meanings the producers embedded into all them!


      1. No worries! I’ve been very neglectful due to my own finals.
        Oh, what did you think of the pilot episode (of season 1)? I loved it, but my roommate and I keep debating, should it have been the pilot episode? Because it turns off a lot of viewers from watching


      2. i definitely think that was the only turn off episode and it definitely took a lot of convincing to make my friends continuing watching the series after they watched the first episode, but i think having that as the first episode was more of a ice breaker and prepares you for the rest of the the other episodes because they aren’t as difficult to watch, if that made any sense.


      3. Definitely. B/c the second episode has an interesting concept, but it’s pretty boring. they really went for the “Go big or go home” factor for the pilot

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