tv show review 03: a series of unfortunate events (no spoilers!!!)

Title: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Creators: *books based on Lemony Snicket*

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family

Rating: unknown

Date Released: 13 January 2017

Synopsis:After the loss of their parents in a mysterious fire, the three Baudelaire children face trials and tribulations attempting to uncover dark family secrets. (source)


A Series of Unfortunate Events was basically my first chapter books… not those small The Magic Treehouse kind of chapter books, but like big kid, small words, 3rd grade chapter books. I remember my sister hated the movie version of this, but I wasn’t totally disappointed by it since I was a kid and loved movies LOL.

First of all I felt like the movie version added a lot into it and basically left out every other book except the first 3. Also Jim Carrey scared me (which makes him the ultimate Count Olaf). So I am definitely happy that they turned it into a tv series!!! I did feel as though the movie adaptation was much more gothic-ish and dark, but this tv show version was very much the opposite. I feel like in this version they made it more bright and comical so that it gives a sick feeling.

Either way this series is the exact reason why my fear is legit. My fear was born from this series! My greatest fear is being left alone somewhere and not being able to trust anyone for help because they either want to kidnap me or they just don’t listen to me. This series in general is freaky to know that it is possible to happen in real life.


  1. I binged watched this series
  2. I LOVED IT!

I definitely feel that Jim Carrey was a lot scarier, but in this version Count Olaf’s crew was definitely more freaky, especially the twins UGH! they scare me so much!!! Sunny was a bit of a disappointment, I liked the other version of Sunny only because nothing seemed to be done with CGI and it looked like she was actually  making noise. In this tv show, there are so many parts where Sunny’s body is animated that it made me think that they didn’t even use a real baby. She also doesn’t seem to be making any noise, it seems like they just added noise, which was noticeably disappointing for me.

Overall, it was pretty good though because it added many elements the original movie did not have.

FINAL: 4/5


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