tv show review 02: the oa (no spoilers!)

Title: The OA

Creators: Zal Batmanglii & Brit Marling

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Rating: unknown

Date Released: 16 December 2016

Synopsis: Having gone missing seven years ago, the previously blind Johnson returns home, now in her 20s and her sight restored. While many believe she is miracle, others worry that she could be dangerous. (source)

I know what you must be thinking… “oh a girl comes back from being kidnapped and she suddenly has powers and there’s all this drama between her and her new hometown and she can’t remember anything”… cliché right?

The OA is FARRRR from cliché!

I was expected exactly what I just thought you were thinking. I wanted a new tv show and the second I saw the poster I knew it had to be about space… SOOOOOOO… I WATCHED IT and I binge-watched all of it in 2 days (1 hour per episode and there were 8 episodes). It was pretty brutally boring in the beginning, but I mean what tv show isn’t terribly boring in the beginning, am I right? I soon found out it wasn’t exactly about space, but more of a concept that is interpreted to look like space… which makes no sense… but it isn’t like an astronaut- the 100-kind-of-space tv show… no… IT IS UNIQUE beyond imagination… well at least I think it’s unique.

Throughout the entire series there were only 2 inappropriate scenes which I would categorize as adult scenes but I believe these scenes were honestly necessary to show the growth of one of the characters and the other was to show something else that I’m not going to give away 🙂 but trust me… it’s necessary.

This storyline was completely unreal! It was mind blowing! I knew what was going to happen in the 2nd episode only seconds before it actually happened and from then on I was totally captivated! It immersed the audience into this new concept of basically EVERYTHING! I can’t give specifics because it would give it away because it’s so unique, but trust me I don’t think I’ve ever seen another tv show like it.

When you understand what OA means it’s a little surprising but then I looked it up online and there were several theories on it because in the episode they don’t give it to you like “OA means…” it’s more like implied. Honestly I am obsessed with this new tv show and the last episode is THE MOST TERRIBLE CLIFF HANGER (kidding… sorta). And since there is no season 2 yet, I have to wait!

So in order to protect your pretty hearts I would recommend watching it once the 2nd season comes out so you can binge watch two seasons of it.

Overall, this is my  new obsession and is my #1 favorite tv show ! GO WATCH IT!

FINAL: 5/5


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