movie review 01: the arrival (spoilers)

Title: The Arrival

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

Rating: PG-13

Date Released: 11 November 2016

Synopsis: When mysterious spacecraft touch down across the globe, an elite team – led by expert linguist Louise Banks – is brought together to investigate. As mankind teeters on the verge of global war, Banks and the team race against time for answers – and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her life, and quite possibly humanity. (source)

This movie was absolutely amazing mind-blowing crazy-beyond-belief puzzlingly crazy I don’t even have a word for it!

It’s so hard to even write a review because it was so darn good! It’s mind twisting… if that’s even a thing… Just imagine something like InceptionInterstellar, and The Martian… but NOTHING LIKE IT! It was SO much better than the three combined!

If you read my 1st blog post on The 5th Wave you know I love science fiction and this absolutely KILLED IT! I’m planning on watching it again!

I love how it wasn’t some typical sci-fi movie where the aliens come to destroy the world. At some points in the movie I was like “of course humans are being irrational again“, but overall I was like “HUMANITY IS BEING SENSIBLE!!” Everything in this movie was planned out so well and AHHHH I HAVE NO WORDS!

It was a pretty slow movie with super intense music, but in the end it was all worth it because you kind of have to sit in the movie theater and collect everything you just saw and put it all together. After you put it all together, you just sit there in awe at how they were able to think of that. Actually you’d wonder how Ted Chiang thought of it because he wrote the book that the movie was based off of : Stories of Your Life and Others (which I will definitely be reading and reviewing!) No kidding: after watching that movie I want to be a linguist and I want those aliens to come to Earth!

So basically the reason why the aliens came to Earth was because in 3,000 years the aliens will need the humans’ help (we aren’t told why they’ll need our help, so I’m praying they’ll have a second movie) and so they give humanity a gift: their language. The main character : a linguist named Louise Banks is the first person to fully understand their language, which she learns while trying to teach the aliens our language. (I’m guessing that the aliens already knew the human language because they were basically translating the human language into their own language, which is why the movie goes along so smoothly and easy; ALSO NOTE THAT THEY SAW THIS COMING BECAUSE THEY CAN SEE THE FUTURE) Once you learn and understand their language you perceive time differently, almost like time travel (MIND BLOWN!).

Okay let’s hold it right there. This movie is basically saying that time travel isn’t mathematical instead it’s a way you see the world. In the movie the other main character Ian tells Louise/the audience that when you learn a language you see the world differently than someone else who speaks a different language; so when you learn the aliens’ language you see time differently. CRAZY! So throughout the movie you are seeing Louise’s life in the way she sees it. It’s almost like your life is the world (a confined space where all your life events are already set in place) and you just visit all the places but not in order. It’s confusing…which is why it’s so good! It makes you use your brain to understand everything that’s going on!

I also loved the way these aliens were ACTUALLY A SMARTER SOCIETY! They were smarter because of their language not their brain… it was actually somewhat realistic!

I’m really harsh on movies all the time because I either like it or I don’t, but for this movie I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like, other than the fact that… THERE IS NOTHING TO DISLIKE!

Overall, I definitely recommend watching it… 5 +times!

FINAL: 5/5


2 thoughts on “movie review 01: the arrival (spoilers)

  1. I loved The Arrival. Amy Adams was amazing in it. I wasn’t totally sold on the science behind the “non-linear timeline” and how that relates to language. B/c I feel like even if she understands her language, she could only do so in the context of what humans can understand. Like how they just call the aliens Abbott and Castello b/c they can’t translate their names any other way.

    Also Latin isn’t a linear language, but Latin scholars don’t travel back through time haha
    (Don’t quote me on that. I took latin once in high school)


    1. hahaha! omg that’s so cool how you took latin! and yea i agree it wasn’t a totally selling idea but it was definitely a newer idea from all the other sci-fi movies of the past. i also found it almost refreshing to have a new concept of why the aliens came and that it could possibly be an idea that makes sense (but as humans we obviously can’t completely understand it — which i think makes it really unique because it makes you think a lot lol)

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